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Soul Quality Sharing, Sunday, November 26th

Please join us for our next Soul Quality Sharing activity today, Sunday November 26th after the 10 AM service. All are welcomed to participate as we gather for fellowship and a light meal while we engage in rediscovering our innate Soul Qualities. This week’s focus will be on “Arjavam or Straightforwardness”, and “Ahimsa or Noninjury”.

Sunday Evening Meditation

There will be a 3 hour Pre-Christmas Meditation this evening (Nov. 26th) starting at 5:00 pm.

Upcoming Sunday Evening Meditations

As we did last year, we will hold a series of longer meditations leading up to the All-Day Christmas Meditation. The schedule is as follows:
• Dec. 03,  5-9 pm
• Dec. 10,  5-9 pm
Come join us as we usher in the holiday season and celebrate Jesus' birth in the way that our Guru suggested. 

Holiday Chapel Decorating, Saturday, Dec., 2nd,
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

As we move into the Christmas Season, we will prepare our chapel with decorations reflecting the sacredness and beauty of this season.  If you would like to  volunteer to help with decorating, please contact Rita Leon. It will be a wonderful and joyous event to begin the season. Please come and join us on Dec. 3rd after the 10:00 am service to hang decorations on the Christmas Tree in the chapel.

All-Day Christmas Meditation, Saturday December 16th,


Many years ago Paramahansa Yogananda established the custom of setting aside one day
of the Christmas season for an all-day meditation, so that devotees might spend an entire day united in spiritual effort and in deepening communion with God and Christ. This year’s All-Day Christmas meditation will be held on Saturday, Dec 16th from 9am - 5 pm. Pick up the SRF Instructions for Devotees off the credenza in the foyer if you are not familiar with how the All-Day is conducted.


If you have any questions about the Albuquerque meditation Group of SRF, you may contact a member of the Coordination Committee by emailing us in the contact box below.

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