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The Benefits of Meditation

for Teens

It has been quite hard for our teenagers in all ages, to master their minds during adolescence, as the brain system that supports emotional arousal develops more quickly than the system that supports self-regulation.


Using a car as a metaphor, we can visualize the starting of the engine at the onset of puberty, with teens experiencing emotions with greater awareness. The development of the braking system of the car develops more slowly; teens are able to start problem solving a little later; later than when they start to experience these powerful emotions.


This leads to “reckless driving”, unfavorable decisions and impulsivity that may cause them harm. They are better able to drive that car when they are able to master their emotions through meditation and positive thinking. 

The Albuquerque Meditation Group gives classes to teenagers on meditation, positive affirmations and balanced living. 


We teach simple meditation techniques that enable teens to feel the presence of peace and joy in their lives. Empowered by these simple techniques, they will be able to have the strength, focus and courage to create a better world for tomorrow.


We meet every Sunday at 10-00 AM on 1704 Moon NE, Suite 1, Albuquerque NM 87112.

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