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Sunday School for

Children & Teens

The Albuquerque Meditation chapel is a peaceful place to bring your children ages 10-18, to help them realize their full potential, and develop a personal relationship with God. Sunday School is offered each week during the 10:00 am adult Reading Service.


We teach simple meditation techniques that enable the children and teens to feel the presence of peace and joy in their lives. Empowered by these simple techniques, they will be able to have the strength, focus and courage to create a better world for tomorrow.

Each class  offers the Energization Exercises, chanting, meditation, themed lessons and arts and crafts. Special services are presented by the  Sunday School at Christmas and a play in March. Additionally, we offer scholarships to the Self Realization Summer Day Program in Encinitas CA. 

Boy's Week

Girl's Week

Here are scenes from the boy's and girl's week at the Self-Realization Fellowship Summer Day Program 2018, including interviews with participants and parents.

Each year Self-Realization Fellowship conducts a “How-to-Live” Summer Day Program in Encinitas, California, consisting of a five-day session for girls and a five-day session for boys. The Summer Day Program is for children 7 to 12 years old and teens 13 to 18 years old. Through the practice of monastic-led Energization Exercises, meditation, satsangas, and other programs exploring Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings, youth are able to discover the inner strength needed to make choices that lead to a deeply satisfying inner and outer life. Attendees also experience a special pilgrimage outing to the SRF Encinitas Hermitage and meditation gardens, where Paramahansa Yogananda lived and communed with God for many years. In addition, there are numerous interactive activities that make use of an amphitheater, music room, technology lab, conservation hiking trail, basketball court, and soccer/track field. The SRF Summer Day Program is held daily at the Encinitas Country Day School, a 20-acre campus bordering a lagoon that provides the feeling of being quietly secluded while easily accessible to nearby towns.


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